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  • Education

    NanOpinion bridges the gap between Nanotechnologies and education

    Fri, 11 Oct 2013
    A series of 16 face-to-face and online national training workshops for teachers kicked off last Monday 7th of October in Israel. The education programme of nanOpinion aims to promote education and dialogue on nanotechnologies in schools in Europe and to collect the opinion of teachers on the benefits and barriers for educational institutions in taking up Nanotechnology as a topic. The first...
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  • NanOpinion project

    More than 2000 questionnaires answered within the NanOpinion Research Project

    Mon, 23 Sep 2013
    NanOpinion has now reached more than 2.000 filled in questionnaires so far and expects more to come after the next visits of Mobile Stations. They will continue their travels to Portugal, the Czech Republic and the UK in the next weeks. The online questionnaire and the info materials are already available in 9 languages and more will come soon.Visitors fill in the questionnaire at the station,...
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  • Events

    Nanopinion in the dark

    Tue, 27 Aug 2013
    ExtraSchicht (extra shift) leads people to about 50 places the whole Ruhr area that have to do with the industrial tradition and actual situation, like former industrial plants, active production facilites, mines and slagheaps. These places are turned into cultural spheres for one night. So for visitors, there is always a kind ob subtext, that deals with economic and technological change and...
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  • Events

    Jazzy Nanotechnologies in Perugia!

    Tue, 27 Aug 2013
    Last Saturday, July 13th,  in Perugia, in conjuction with Umbria Jazz music festival, Psiquadro organized a NanOpinion activities session. Open from late morning to after dinner time, about 350 people had the opportunity to know more about nanotechnologies and to dialogue about nanotechnology products, future scenarios, science and market regulations.The big orange, strange Monitoring...
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This blog is a meeting point for Nanopinion participants to share their experiences and to engage in a dialogue on the ethical, legal and social aspects of the topics tackled.

It is an opportunity to tell us what you think and to share it with people from all over Europe.

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About nanopinion

  • nanopinion is an EC-funded project bringing together 17 partners from 11 countries with the aim of monitoring public opinion on what we hope from innovation with nanotechnologies. The project is aimed citizens with a special focus on hard-to-reach target groups, which are people who do not normally encounter and give their opinion nanotechnologies at first hand.
  • Dialogue is facilitated online and in outreach events in 30 countries presenting different participatory formats.
  • To promote an informed debate, we also run a strong press & social media campaign and offer a repository with more than 150 resources.
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