Nanotechnologies: Where should they take us? Have your say

Things you might be interested to know about nano…

Things you might be interested to know about nano…

  • What are nanotechnologies?

    Nanotechnologies can be defined as ‘engineering at a very small scale’ and this term can be applied to many areas of research and development – such as health and medicine, ICT and energy and the environment.

  • What is special about things on a nanoscale?

    At the nanoscale materials that we are familiar with can show new properties.

  • Are nanotechnologies something new?

    Nanoparticles are not new; they have existed in the natural world for millions of years created by living things.

  • How could nanotechnologies change our lives in the future?

    In the future, our lives will change through technology innovations in the following ways:

  • Are there health risks involved with nanotechnologies?

    Health risks are not fully known at this time

  • What is nano?

    For general information on nanotechnologies

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About nanopinion

  • nanopinion is an EC-funded project bringing together 17 partners from 11 countries with the aim of monitoring public opinion on what we hope from innovation with nanotechnologies. The project is aimed citizens with a special focus on hard-to-reach target groups, which are people who do not normally encounter and give their opinion nanotechnologies at first hand.
  • Dialogue is facilitated online and in outreach events in 30 countries presenting different participatory formats.
  • To promote an informed debate, we also run a strong press & social media campaign and offer a repository with more than 150 resources.
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