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NanOpinion workshop in Tel-Aviv


NanOpinion workshop in Tel-Aviv

Mon, 7 Jul 2014

Last week a nanOpinion workshop took place in Tel Aviv. Participants included language, Bible and math teachers; a psychologist, a designer and others friends of the nanOpinion national teacher coordinator. They gathered to talk about nanotechnology… and no, they do not usually have an interest in science. Nili Mozes Bloch from ORT’s R&D centre facilitated activities and games to monitor their positions and knowledge on nanotechnology.

Participants were first asked if they would use NT transparent sun cream. Initially people responded that they would use such a product if the price is comparable to others, but then someone asked if the NT particles would penetrate the skin. Suddenly the debate was not so obvious. A discussion ensued. In the end, Dr. Nira Shimoni-Eyal, ORT’s NT expert, explained that these creams had been found to be safe and more effective than sun creams currently on the market. Other products were also discussed. Additional topics were raised and discussed and each of the participants had the opportunity to give their opinions and ask questions.

At the end, participants found that they knew more than they thought about NT, and that they had a positive approach towards NT in general and with NT products.


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