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DNA nanotechnology (NanOpinion video)

The video will focus on a new technology called DNA nanotechnology. This bottom-up nanofabrication method exploits the structural motifs and self-recognition properties of DNA to self-assemble pre-designed nanostructures in a bottom-up approach. 2D and 3D structures have been fabricated using this self-assembly method. Recently, the revolutionary DNA origami method was developed to build two-dimensional addressable DNA structures of arbitrary shape that can be used as a platform for arranging nanomaterials with high precision and specificity.


DNA nanotechnology represents one of the latest developments in nanotechnology. It has applications for the fabrication of nano guides (e.g. wave guides), sensors (for diagnostic and imaging), logic gates, drug release, nano-motors and electronics (wires, transistors). It could lead to bottom-up electronics and DNA computing which could become the computing of the future.


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