Nanotecnologías: ¿Hasta dónde nos deben llevar? Danos tu opinión

Nano events

Street Labs

Streetlabs create a space for dialogue between the scientific world and the general public. They are being organised in shopping centres, fairs, libraries, arts festivals and other non-scientific venues. By attending a Streetlab participants are able to talk about and touch nano. They get a chance to participate in demonstrations, theatrical debates, discussions and much more. They also get an opportunity to experience the Mobile Station and have their voice heard in a pan-European debate.

Streetlabs aim to collect feedback on citizens’ opinions through debates and also via the nanOpinion questionnaire. This is accessible via touch screen tablets that also offer other contents.

Fourteen Streetlabs are being organised in 10 different locations throughout Europe. Find the closest Streetlab and join in!

Street labs key components:

1.Mobile nanOpinion Stations

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2.An entertaining dialogue activity. This activity aims to get the attention and interest of the audience and to involve them in a discussion about nanotechnologies.

In most of the street labs this dialogue activity is facilitated through a small play, where the actors engage the audience in a debate, with the aid of activity cards that the audience on their seats.

3.A Feedback mechanism

Each Streetlab includes a feedback mechanism to collect the audiences’ opinion on nanotechnologies on-site. They are installations at the streetlabs with statements about nanotechnologies related to the ones that appear during the dialogue activity described above, where participants agree or disagree and can leave their comments or open questions.

4.A rapporteur: who gives feedback on f the event via social media and the blog on this website.

About nanopinion

  • nanopinion es un proyecto financiado por la CE en el que participan 17 socios de 11 países con el objetivo de realizar un seguimiento de la opinión pública sobre qué esperamos de la innovación con nanotecnologías. El proyecto está dirigido a los ciudadanos, poniendo un énfasis especial en aquellos grupos a los que es difícil llegar, es decir, personas que no estan muy familiarizadas con las nanotecnologías y tampoco acostumbran a ofrecer su opinión sobre este campo de primera mano.
  • Diálogo: se facilita por Internet y en eventos de difusión en 30 países que presentan diferentes formatos de participación.
  • Para promover un debate social informado, también realizamos una intensa campaña de prensa y redes sociales y ofrecemos un repositorio con más de 150 recursos.
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Quiénes somos Socios del proyecto