Les nanotechnologies: Vers où nous portent-elles ? Donnez votre avis


  • Opinion

    A massive European wide Opinion poll shows citizens positive about science and technology, cautious about consequences

    Fri, 29 Nov 2013
    by Jon Turney, science writer, editor, lecturer; www.jonturney.co.ukEvery couple of years the European Commission pays for a community-wide opinion survey that includes questions on science. This time round, the poll is presented as an indicator of attitudes to “Responsible Research and Innovation” (RRI), the idea the Commission now endorses as a way of helping ensure that new technology...
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  • Education

    NanOpinion organises courses for teachers around Europe

    Thu, 14 Nov 2013
    From October to December 2013, NanOpinion is offering workshops for teachers in 15 different countries. These workshops are being organised by the partners and by Teacher Coordinators that the European Schoolnet has identified in each country. Their aim is to promote education and dialogue on nanotechnologies in schools in Europe. The Education program also aims to collect the opinion of...
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  • Events

    Nanotechnologies took the stage in Italy and Portugal

    Thu, 24 Oct 2013
    On September 7th and 8th nanOpinion landed on the Polvese Island in the middle of Trasimeno Lake in Italy, a wonderful setting that hosted the science festival called “Isola di Einstein”. The NanOpinion Monitoring Station was set on the top of a beautiful meadow, beside an area dedicated to theatrical science shows. Activities with top table experiments, discussion games and discussion boards...
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  • Events

    Different stakeholders met at the Guardian to reflect on the future of food

    Mon, 21 Oct 2013
    By Sunita Gordon, Group Head, Education & Culture GuardianFood remains a ‘Grand Challenge’ for global society, with Western consumption rates simply unsustainable on a global scale.  At one end of the spectrum this means returning to a simpler diet that is lower in animal products, more locally sourced, and minimizes resource use and waste; at the other, a high-tech solution allowing...
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This blog is a meeting point for Nanopinion participants to share their experiences and to engage in a dialogue on the ethical, legal and social aspects of the topics tackled.

It is an opportunity to tell us what you think and to share it with people from all over Europe.

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  • Sondage du mois
    Est-ce que les citoyens doivent être consultés au sujet des innovations que nous souhaitons développer avec les nanotechnologies?

À propos de nanopinion

  • nanopinion est un projet financé par la Communauté Européenne, rassemblant 17 partenaires de 11 pays qui a pour objectif de suivre l’opinion publique sur ce que nous attendons de l’innovation apportée par les nanotechnologies. Le projet s’adresse aux citoyens avec une attention particulière aux groupes difficiles à ciblées. Ce sont des personnes qui ne sont généralement pas consultées et ne donnent pas directement leur opinion sur les nanotechnologies.
  • Ledialogue est facilité en ligne et dans les ateliers de sensibilisation dans les 30 pays avec différents types de participation.
  • Afin de favoriser un débat informé, nous lançons également une campagne dans la presse et sur les médias sociaux et nous proposons un répertoire contenant plus de 150 ressources.
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