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It is a big day for all participants of “Distilled Nano Ideas” Competition, especially for the finalists. It is big pleasure to announce final results of the winners.

Congratulations to all winners!!!

Thanks to each of you who became a part of Nanopinion history for the hard work, participation, sharing amazing ideas and being together with us! Only we all together can make better world!

A total of two (2) best works were selected in the following categories (one main per category), these are the winners of each category:

13–15 YEARS OLD group of students category:

The main winner of this category is: “Nanomedicine” movie

Country: Finland; Teacher: Marjana Myllyla

This video describes the drug delivery system presently and in the future. Nowadays the anti-cancer drug kills all the cells even the healthy ones, but thanks to nanotechnology we are close to get a new wiser medicine that kills only the cancer cells. We think that targeted drugs are important to humans, so we decided to make a video about it.

The second place was taken by “Nano biomimicry” entry

Country: Lithuania; Teacher: Teresa Zajanckovskaja

The idea was to show all sources of nature's ideas that nanoscientists imitate to solve society problems. The team of 5 students worked on this project. They searched for different objects from nature and later they did it by they own from clay. Totally 9 objects like gecko, toucan, burrs, shark, spider, lotus leather, namibian beetle, butterfly wings and jewel beetle were found and they are imitating by nano scientists in order to solve different society’s problems.

Nano biomimicry

16–18+ YEARS OLD group of students category:

The main winner of this category is: “(na)No Luck” presentation

Country: Romania; Teacher: Lidia Minza

It is the story of a dust particle that travels the country to search for the perfect surface to sit on, but lands on a self-cleaning window in London.

(na)No Luck

The second place in this category was taken by poem “The Wonders of food packaging” entry

Country: Romania; Teacher: Lidia Minza

I think nanotechnology is cool
I will use it in daily life
Because I’m not a fool
I’ll use it till it gets rife.

I will use it in packaging food
But it’s a complex process
So be very careful, dude.
Carefully it will lead to sucess.

Food packs have multiple functions
Not only information and amusement.
But they also have dysfunction
So they really need improvement.

Protection, appearance, freshness;
Those are barely satisfied.
A food package to be flawless
would be by nanco tech defined.

Oxygen causes oxidation
And that makes the milk go sour.
What an unpleasant situation!
We must get rid of it for sure.

We need less penetrable pack
With smart sensors inside of it
That can turn green or red and black
To show you how fresh’s the meat.

Vacuum packaging is really helpful
And active packaging is even better,
And biosensors would be successful
But first we need to solve the high price matter.

Food packages expect a revolution
To make them almost flawless I believe.
Nanotechnology is now the best solution
In all domains it would be a relief.

Patatoes, steak, fruit and pastry
Have nanotechnologic destiny!
Packed with freshness,
No longer tasteless,
Smart food packaging makes it all perfect.

Long time ago it was believed
That food from oxygen was deprived
Of all nutrional value and taste,
Lastly making it go to waste.
Today it is no longer the case!

Sustainable, safe and smart are
The three qualities that by far
Nano-packaging posseses.
It also easily compresses
Taste and nutritional values.

Active packaging helps protect
Food from microbial contact:
Not only is it intelligent
But also cost-efficient.
Well, isn’t that beneficent?

We need proficient sensors
To find temperature increase.
To approach with care
And our food to spare
From damaging air.

Its aim is reducing food loss,
With materials less dangerous
To human body and nature;
All for the sake of nurture.
Nano is the future!

PUBLIC CHOICE CATEGORY through official NanOpinion Facebook site:

The main winner of this category is: “NanoSocks” movie

Country: Romania; Teacher: Lidia Minza

Number of likes (on June 1st when voting was stopped): 1734 likes+134 shares+1 comment

Nanotechnology has invented the answer for all of our problems: NANOSOCKS. Nanosocks are special socks, created for daily use. They prevent the sweat and, also, the unpleasant odors.

The second place was taken by “Nanotech products” entry

Country: Lithuania; Teacher: Kolomba Bulotiene

In video are shown how the nano products are making and nano products features. To show features Use these times of prototypes to demonstrate product features

According to the competition guidelines all entries were judged by European expert team due to the following procedure:

Round 1 – European expert evaluation

A first evaluation round was conducted by a group of 4 experts composed of NanOpinion partners, education experts and experts with the depth knowledge on nanotechnology. This panel analyses all 117 entries, with a distinction between the two age groups and only 21 entries were chosen to the final.

Round 2 – European Grand Jury evaluation

Only the best entries have been presented to the Grand Jury, composed of the advisory board and members of the NanOpinion consortium – team of 19 experts (different specialists in nanotechnology, education and relevant aspects). From the shortlist, the jury awarded 1 winner per age category.

Additional Round – Public evaluation

After all works appeared online, the public became an evaluator and by clicking like it was chosen the most liked work.
All decisions reached by the jury are final and may not be contested.

Awards & prizes

A total of 3 winners (one per each age category and public choice) will receive main prize: NanoTool Kit Box which each box value at over 200 Euros. Participants (from the same country, teacher and school) can only win in one category.

Every participant will receive the certificate of participant, finalist or the winner that is going to send by email to the participants by the end of this month.

Selection criteria

Entries presented for the competition have been evaluated under the following selection criteria:

  1. Relevance to nanotechnology topic and accuracy of the knowledge presented.
  2. Originality of entries, pertinence, novelty, creativity and didactical approach, will all be taken into account during the evaluation process. All works should be funny, interesting, attractive and in any other way original.
  3. Pedagogical Value: Clear goals and objectives, motivation, presentation of resources, specific learning tasks, adaptability to individual needs will be taken into account during the evaluation process. Impact of the actions undertaken by teachers and students. Judges will be looking for evidence of successful knowledge transfer.
  4. Relation to Nanopinion project, what kind of Nanopinion tools were used for the projects.
  5. Clarity of ideas and conclusions, explaining in a clear way, demonstrating a good understanding of the theme and conveying convincing implementation methods, solutions and messages.
  6. Presentation of entries, style, layout, design and good use of technology will be considered.

“DISTILLED NANOIDEAS” is a contest aimed at school teachers and their students who have been working on nanotechnologies in the classroom and who want to communicate their conclusions with a work of art:

  • Show your ideas through arts: paint, produce a 3 min video, compose a song, make a sculpture, etc.
  • Submit your artwork through the competition page and share it through social media mentioning @nanopinion on Twitter or @nanochannels on Facebook. Become the best NanOpinion ambassador!

Dates: The contest will open on the 31th of January and will end on the 1st of May 2014.

Prize: The winners will be awarded with a NanoTool Kit Box, which is valued at over 200€, and will be announced on the NanOpinion portal and Facebook.

Click here to see the complete NanOpinion competition guidelines.

European competition for high schools

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À propos de nanopinion

  • nanopinion est un projet financé par la Communauté Européenne, rassemblant 17 partenaires de 11 pays qui a pour objectif de suivre l’opinion publique sur ce que nous attendons de l’innovation apportée par les nanotechnologies. Le projet s’adresse aux citoyens avec une attention particulière aux groupes difficiles à ciblées. Ce sont des personnes qui ne sont généralement pas consultées et ne donnent pas directement leur opinion sur les nanotechnologies.
  • Ledialogue est facilité en ligne et dans les ateliers de sensibilisation dans les 30 pays avec différents types de participation.
  • Afin de favoriser un débat informé, nous lançons également une campagne dans la presse et sur les médias sociaux et nous proposons un répertoire contenant plus de 150 ressources.
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