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  • Nanopinion is monitoring public opinion in Europe
  • Surveys, press & social media campaigns and informed dialogue events in 30 EU countries
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    "Yes, I believe that citizens should have a say on what developments should be made with nanotechnologies, regardless of what applications these will lead to."
    Tend to agree
    "Yes, I believe that citizens should have a say, but not for all products as I think that in general technology will be developed for the good of people and the environment, and precautionary actions will be taken when necessary."
    Tend to disagree
    "I think citizens must be consulted but I also think it is important to avoid slowing nanotechnology development with too many restrictions and precautionary decisions."
    Totally disagree
    "No, I think that there are already mechanisms in place to ensure the safety of products launched on the market, so I guess that those would be enough and therefore public consultations would not be necessary."
    Don’t know
    Don’t know
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    91 Participants
    2% Don’t know
    8% Totally disagree
    7% Tend to disagree
    19% Tend to agree
    65% Totally agree

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About nanopinion

  • nanopinion is an EC-funded project bringing together 17 partners from 11 countries with the aim of monitoring public opinion on what we hope from innovation with nanotechnologies. The project is aimed citizens with a special focus on hard-to-reach target groups, which are people who do not normally encounter and give their opinion nanotechnologies at first hand.
  • Dialogue is facilitated online and in outreach events in 30 countries presenting different participatory formats.
  • To promote an informed debate, we also run a strong press & social media campaign and offer a repository with more than 150 resources.
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